Traveling to foreign destinations is exciting; however many travelers think in terms of the ordinary run-of-the-mill vacation stay at a hotel even when staying in exotic locations. While staying in a hotel is certainly a viable option, why not do something differently and book a homestay. When planning your trip, check out some homestays in Malaysia in order to capitalize on all that the country and the culture have to offer. Think outside of the box for your next adventure and consider the following five reasons for booking a homestay.

1. You experience the culture firsthand the entire time you are in Malaysia. While on vacation, many travelers venture outside of their hotels during the day to visit the tourist destinations only to return to their hotel rooms in the evening. This can take away from the immersion experience of traveling. Oftentimes, hotel rooms look and feel exactly the same from one country to the next, so after a day of sightseeing the traveler retreats back into a hotel room that resembles every other hotel room that they have ever visited. But if you book a homestay, you will experience the culture of the country the entire time you are in Malaysia. You will enjoy life the way that the local population enjoys life, and you will enjoy it 24 hours a day.


Village House Sarawak Destination Asia Malaysia
Village House Sarawak Destination Asia Malaysia


2. You can save money. You can quickly run up a hotel bill. Not only is there the cost of the room, but many times there are also smaller fees that can add onto your hotel bill leaving you with a much larger expense than you anticipated.

3. You will learn about the hidden treasures of the country. The local population can point you in directions not covered in tourism brochures that you may well miss out on if you book your trip the usual way.

4. You will experience daily living in Malaysia. Nothing acquaints you with a culture than experiencing it day to day. What better way to get a real understanding for the culture than booking a homestay?




5. And finally, you will show a genuine appreciation for the people by participating in the culture.

When planning your trip to Malaysia consider the preceding list and live an experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

Saloma's villagestay
Saloma’s villagestay


Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Homestay Experience in Malaysia
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