People that wish to open up a company in Singapore will have questions about what they need to do. When they are searching for the answers, the company incorporation in Singapore, is the place to go for information that will allow them to open for business in a short period of time.

Company incorporation in Singapore, can consist of several different types of business structures. These structures are the Company, a Sole-Proprietorship, Partnership, Limited Partnership and a Limited Liability Partnership. In Singapore the most common business structure for both locals and foreigners is the private limited Company. Each of these business models are used for various reasons. It all depends on what type of liability a person wants to take on themselves, and if they are going to have a partner involved, or not. For each one of these models, there are different documents that are required. The website will cover the documents that are needed, and a person will be able to figure out which ones they will need for their situation.

Filling out the forms incorrectly can waste a new company owner a lot of time. They need to know what exactly to do, and the proper forms that they need to register their company. They will find this information on the website so they will be able to complete the process simply.

This website is dedicated to showing entrepreneurs the benefits of having a company in Singapore, as well as the requirements and forms that they need to fill out (also see 4 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs). When they are looking throughout the website, they will also find great ideas about how to promote their company and services.

In order for a person to register a company in Singapore they will need certain documents. Residents will need documentation of their Singapore Identity Card and non-residents will need a bank reference letter, passport and proof of their overseas address information.

They are also required to provide the company name, registered address and description of the business activities. A company owner will need to provide the director’s, shareholders’ and company secretary’s information. They will also need the Memorandum and Articles of Association, known as the MAA documentation.

Using the company incorporation in Singapore, website is free and easy to use. The company can also be reached at +65 6423 0030 or by fax at +65 6227 7177. The address is 100 Tras Street #09-03, Amara Corporate Tower, Singapore 079027.

Singapore Company Incorporation: Documents You Will Need