The vast majority of residents in Singapore live in Housing and Development Board (HDB) housing, so it is important to understand how to find the property that is right for you. In today’s world, information about flats on the market is more available than ever before. Below are six factors to consider when trying to find a HBD flat for you and your family.



1. Understand Your Needs

Before looking for a HBD flat, you should consider the price range that you can afford and the needs of your family. Not all HBD flats are cheap, so prospective buyers should evaluate their income to decide on a price that is not too expensive but also still enough to purchase a nice flat. Most HBD buyers consider the needs of their family as the most important factor to consider when choosing a property. For example, a family might prefer to have an extra room for an upcoming child. Taking note of existing and future needs before starting the selection process can make things easier later down the road.


Make sure meet the qualify for HBD housing!



2. Check Eligibility Requirements

HBD has many rules that can prevent some individuals and families from qualifying for HBD housing. Prospective buyers should carefully evaluate the rules to ensure that they will qualify for HBD housing when the time comes to buy. Nothing is more disappointing than discovering that you cannot move into the home that you have chosen because you cannot qualify for the program. A small amount of initial research can save you stress and anxiety later down the road.


Conduct research online to make a list of properties that you like!



3. Conduct an Online Search

The best way to start out your search for an HBD flat is to conduct a search online. There are thousands of flats listed that you can choose from. Most flats show detailed descriptions with images and text that describes each property in detail. To make your search easier, use filters to narrow down the choices by factors such as number of rooms, location, and HBD flats pricing. Prospective buyers should make a list of properties that they like and then proceed to the next step.


Visit the property by your own to ensure whether you like it or not!



4. Visit Properties

The only way to really know if a property is right for you is to actually visit the home in-person. Most real estate agents are willing to offer a personalized tour of a property to help buyers decide if the flat is right for them. Agents may also have other properties in their portfolio that they can recommend to potential buyers.


Communication with your real estate agent to get all the necessary information before making the decision.



5. Ask Agents for More Information

Even after the tour, real estate agents are usually willing to continue answering additional questions over the phone or through email. Some buyers may also want to consider visiting a property one more time before actually making a purchase. Make sure that you keep the lines of communication open with your real estate agent to receive all of the resources necessary to make the right decision.


Evaluate all the information you gather and make the final decision!



6. Evaluate Choices

The final step is to evaluate the different HBD flat choices that you have discovered. You should carefully weigh each property’s worth by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each flat. Most buyers should also wait for several days before making a final decision to ensure that mistakes are not made due to short-term thinking. Careful evaluation can ensure that buyers are satisfied with their new homes both now and in the future.

Moving Forward

The first step that buyers should make is to evaluate their own needs before getting started. Online searches can be very helpful to discover new properties, but a close relationship with listing agents is essential to learn everything that a property has to offer.

Simplify Your Search for HBD Flats in Singapore With This 6-Step Guide