Siemens helps millions of people and businesses to get the clean water they need each day. Siemens Water Technologies system services people worldwide. Siemens will meet the public and private sectors need for the purest of water possible. Applications include treatments for municipalities as well as for wastewater treatment for industries. Pools and aquatic uses need water that is disinfected and of high purity for public use. Medical and scientific uses need pure water. Many residents, businesses, cities and towns all receive clean water for drinking from Siemens technology systems.

Siemens has developed water filtration solutions to disinfect water to save operating costs, extend the lifetime of a plant and to meet all requirements needed for federal and local regulations. Arsenic has been found at high levels in public drinking water supplies throughout the country. Cities and communities are working on new technologies to rid drinking water of arsenic and make it safe for the public consumption.

Arsenic is a semi-metal element that is tasteless and odorless. It can come up from the groundwater naturally or from the run off water from industrial and agricultural businesses. Siemens has a Portable Ion Exchange filtration application that will take the arsenic out of the drinking water supply. The arsenic filtration systems that have been developed are flexible, so businesses can change tank size without buying new equipment for different circumstances. Communities will be able to meet the requirements for removing the arsenic in the drinking water with a number of different solutions developed by Siemens Water Technologies.

Corrosion of metal surfaces is controlled with a cathodic protection technique. The technique uses another metal that is easily corroded to act as the positive electrode in an electrolytic cell. Cathodic protection is used widely to protect the steel in fuel or water pipelines, storage tanks, steel ships, offshore oil platforms and well casings. Custom electro catalytic coating and electrodes are developed for customers in the electrochemical industry. Existing anodes can also be recoated for customers.

Customers with large pools for public or private use need the water chemistry to meet regulations and be safe for usage. Siemens Technologies has many products available and services to meet any challenge from a pool. Chemical feeding systems will promote a balanced chemistry in the water.

Siemens Water Treatment Systems can protect the water supply whether it is for drinking or for other usage with disinfectants and chemicals that are safe for consumption. Companies and individual homes will benefit from the energy savings when using a Siemens filtration systems.

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