While the romance novel genre is geared toward women readers, believe it or not, segments of the market exist that cater to men. Harlequin, for example, has a deal to produce 35 NASCAR-themed romance novels. The titles reflect the mixture of traditional romance with themes related to men. “Hearts Under Caution,” “Speed Dating“, and “Hitting the Brakes” are a few of the names of these books. The NASCAR novels follow traditional romantic book themes. The novels feature the usual romance with the addition of fast cars. “Speed Dating” follows the life and loves of Kendall Clarke, a woman who discovers her cheating man has made her co-worker pregnant. She gets together with Dylan Hargreave, a NASCAR leader who also happens to be the sexiest man of the year according to “People” magazine. The day she is slated to get her Actuary of the Year award, she ends up in lingerie in Hargreave’s car doing the unthinkable, making love at high speeds doing the wild thing at the speed of NASCAR. And, of course, they live happily ever after.

Supposedly, popular romance novels are for women’s eyes only, but just like the myth of math and science being for men only, the romance genre is busting gender stereotypes. While some continue to predominate the field, male authors are making inroads with popular romance novels. Visit this online bookstore for some of these new style romance novels. One study recently released found nearly 20 percent of people reading romance novels were male. Another study found the percentage a bit lower, but still put the amount of money men spent on romance novels to be about $100 million over the last few years. That has sparked industry interest in finding more titles appealing to men as well as women. These novels follow the same type of thematic development. The plot starts with a woman in need in love who meets a sexy man. The man romantically courts the woman, marries her and they live in wedded bliss to the end of time.

Who are these men reading romance novels? Some stumble on the genre and find it fascinating. Others simply enjoy the format and romance. Eve Berlin is a popular writer of romance novels for men. Erika Moran, too, is popular with men, maybe because that is the pen name for a male author of romance books. Kristin Higgins and her book “Catch of the Day” has appealed to men. Many people might think the sex in these books s what attracts men to the genre. Not so, according to men. A recent survey found men were drawn by other plot features. They liked the happy endings. Men favoring romance novels liked the fact the stories ended up in a positive way. These romantic men also liked the emotions involved in the books. A third factor is the relaxation value of the novels. Story lines are key to romance with men appreciating well-drawn stories as much as their female counterparts.


Eve Berlin's Temptation's Edge
Eve Berlin’s Temptation’s Edge
Romance Books Gaining Popularity With Men