Vacuum cleaners have come a long way. Ever since the invention of carpet, they have evolved from huge Neanderthal machines to the tiny robotic vacuum scurrying across the floor. The Neato robotic vacuum is one of the latest stages. Many of its features make it stand out as being one-of-a-kind.



Quite simply, this is the easiest robotic vacuum to use. There is no bag to buy. The dirt is stored in the top dust pin. To clean, it is easily removed and emptied. The brushes are also quite easy to remove and put back on. There is no need to worry about stopping it to recharge. When the Neato begins to run low on batteries, it goes back to its charger. When it’s done charging, it picks back up right where it left off (Get more info on The Importance of Using Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews).

Neato XV Signature and Neato XV Signature Pro

The navigation of the Neato robotic vacuum is second to none. Other robotic vacuums roam the room haphazardly, missing huge areas of carpet that must be vacuumed manually. Neato vacuums scan the room first with their infrared technology. They make an internal map of the room and clean systematically, in rows, to be sure every area is covered. Additionally, when objects get moved around, the vacuum can detect the change and go around it.


Find out more about Neato Signature Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner information and pricing at
Find out more about Neato Signature Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner information and pricing at


The suction on the Neato Signature Pro, in particular, is high-powered and very effective. This model is designed for pet owners and allergy sufferers. The brushes and suction work extra hard to release pet hair from carpets and floors. The filtering system built into the Neato Signature Pro is so efficient that it makes sure pet dander and other allergens are not released back into the air.

Neato vacuums stand out among other robotic vacuums. Powerful suction, ease of use, and accurate navigation are areas where other robotic vacuums simply cannot compete. All these features and more make Neato robotic vacuums one of the most advanced carpet-cleaning machines on the market today.



Review: Neato Signature Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner