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In deciding a course to pursue in university, students are often presented with a wide variety of choices. Most Malaysian universities offer a comprehensive list of degree programs, from humanities all the way to hard sciences, that cater to the equally varied interests of Malaysian students.

An example of a rising degree program in Malaysia is education. Many top-tier and internationally acclaimed Malaysian universities offer a course in education. Often, after graduation, students who pursue an education course in Malaysia enter the Malaysian workforce as teachers. Though it may not be the career path that yields the most monetary gain, being a teacher has benefits that money simply cannot provide.


Teachers shape the minds of Malaysia’s future generation.

Related imageIt is through the teacher that students learn about the world around them. Teachers help students discover and develop their talents so that they can reach their full potential. Teachers are also the ones that help students overcome their weaknesses so that they are not hindered from being the best that they can be.  They impart the necessary knowledge and skills needed by students so that they can become productive members of Malaysian society when they grow up.

Teachers play a big part in Malaysia’s development.

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Malaysia has always worked towards become a fully developed nation. One of the ways that it is doing so is through education. Since 1991 through the Vision 2020, the Malaysia government implemented an educational system that focuses on improving the nation’s intellectual abilities. This makes teachers important because they are the ones that are expected to deliver quality education to the Malaysian youth who will one day become the country’s future professionals.

Teachers have a lot of vacation time.

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A teacher’s schedule often matches the schedule of his or her students. This means that when the students are on vacation, teachers are also on vacation. This allows teachers to relax, spend more time for themselves or even with their families. And even if the school that teachers work in have a year-round work schedule, teachers are usually given a one to two week break to do things outside schoolwork.

Teaching is a vocation and not simply an occupation.

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For most people, having a job in a specific field amounts to a paycheck. Since it is a job, working every day is simply a way to earn and survive. However, for people in the teaching profession, teaching is not just a job; it is a vocation. Though salaries can encourage teachers to continue to teach, they are primarily motivated by their love for their students and their love for imparting knowledge.  For teachers, watching their students grow into productive citizens is better than receiving any sort of monetary incentive.

Teaching is fun.

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Though teachers must stick to a curriculum whenever they teach the lessons to their students, they are given the freedom to choose the way that they do so. They can design lessons to be more interactive so that each session is exciting for the students. Teachers also work with a whole lot of students and fellow teachers, each with their own unique personalities, interests, and skills. This makes going to work less monotonous and more exciting.


Though this article lists only five, there are many more benefits in pursuing an education course in Malaysia. An education degree is not just a course in university. It is also a stepping-stone towards the noble and worthy profession of teaching.