Parenting style is one of the toughest and fulfilling jobs that an individual will ever encounter. Whether there is a small baby coming soon, you have a toddler or a pre-schooler, you must constantly read on to learn about their critical development stages. Kids especially those in nursery and kindergarten will always push their parents and guardians to the outer edge of their patience. These kids want to experience their new found experience. However, they require close attention from their caregivers.

Research from credible sources have cited that kids between ages of 3-5 are the most active and at the same time frustrating regarding parenting. There are common mistakes that caregivers make when handling kids within this particular age bracket. Parents and guardians are therefore strongly encouraged to make smart fixes resolve problems as soon as possible.


Parents and guardians are strongly advised to be consistent with their day to day routines because kids tend to get confused easily. If sometimes as a caregiver you let kids do something, and sometimes you fail o do business as usual, such inconsistencies make a kid get confused. For instance, if on a certain weekend you let the kid enjoy his time with friends for 4 hours, and in another weekend he/she spends most of their time indoors without providing sufficient explanations, the kid is likely to get confused. They will keep on asking themselves why mummy is doing this to me today.

Avoid focusing on the negative

It is easier for parents to hone to their kids negative actions through gestures such as screaming and yelling while ignoring the good deeds. Parents are advised to focus on what they don’t want their kids to do. As a parent, you should say, “please don’t hit him”, or “stop making noise” while people are studying. You can also credit your kid by telling him I like the way you are friendly to the neighbor.

Missing Early warning signs

When a kid makes a mistake, and you find yourself in the throes of a temper tantrum, you should avoid shouting to the kid so much because in this way the kid will not be listening to you but rather to the noise you are making. During such situations, parents and guardians have power over the kids, and you should guide them through reasonable acts of punishment.

Over-scheduling the kid

It is common for parents to line up their kids with so many activities such as swimming lessons, homework quizzes, and also assisting with going to the grocery on the same day. These activities exhaust a kids mind, and a child should have sufficient time to unwind with some playing time or even enjoy a glass of juice when they get home.

Misunderstanding the role of playing time

Free play has been found to be a process that assists a kid’s brain to develop best. The play may include goofing around, or it may involve any form of dramatic play such as hide and seek. Children should have sufficient time to play with their peers.

Parenting Tips That Won’t Burn You or Your Child Out