Tap water is best for you, right? Wrong. This is a common misconception. This isn’t to say tap water is bad for you, but some tap water contains added chemicals and preservatives. Does that sound healthy to you? Probably not. Therefore, you might want to consider consider RedMart drinking mineral water (https://redmart.com/product/gerolsteiner-sparkling-natural-mineral-water) instead. What many people don’t realize is that mineral water is the healthiest form of bottled water, but there are exceptions to the health benefits. We’ll get to those exceptions soon, but let’s first take a look at the benefits of this fountain-of-youth-type water.

WaterdressThe broad benefits for drinking this form of bottled water include enhanced mood and hydration thanks to iron, calcium, and magnesium. When your mind and body are feeling good, your health is very likely to improve. This doesn’t just pertain to those who are unhealthy, but anyone. Hydration alone provides your body with more energy and stamina to complete physical and mental tasks.

You probably didn’t know that you could also lose weight by drinking this type of bottled water. In fact, according to the Mayo Clinic, it’s easier to cut calories from the drinks you consume than it is to cut calories from the foods you consume. Think about this logically. If you’re like most people, then you probably drink at least one of the following on a daily basis: juice, soda, coffee, sports drink, and/or an energy drink. If that’s the case, then you’re consistently adding excess and unnecessary calories to your diet. If you were to replace these drinks with high-quality bottled water, then you would likely begin to lose a significant amount of weight in just a matter of weeks. This, of course, would increase your self-confidence. Who doesn’t want that?

Other health benefits include lower blood pressure, the maintenance of muscle performance, improved digestion, reduced kidney stone risk, and improved skin. That last point might have caught your attention. While drinking this form of bottled water will likely help your skin in a major way, applying directly to your skin with a cotton swab might also be effective. This is thanks to the silica found in the water.

In regards to those aforementioned exceptions related to health benefits, some of these waters contain high sodium counts. You will want to pay attention to that. This is especially the case for pregnant women, who should consider drinking other bottled waters until after they deliver.

In a matter of a few short minutes, you just learned how to improve your health, lose weight, and improve your skin, and it’s all for a very reasonable price without having to visit a surgeon. Consider it a good day.

Lose Weight And Improve Your Skin With Mineral Water
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