Singapore, like other countries around the world, has been affected by economic downturn and slow recovery. However, the Singapore job market still has many openings that welcome foreigners of all skill levels in all industries. The market in Singapore is both competitive and friendly to both domestic and foreign applicants. Some of the industries that are most welcoming to foreign applicants include healthcare, insurance, biotechnology, aerospace and construction.

Not only will applicants find a number of jobs available, there are also plenty of benefits they can get from choosing to work in Singapore. Some of these benefits include a high standard of living, low personal taxes, policies for open recruitment and an environment where English is a commonly spoken language.


Finding Jobs

When you are Looking For Singapore Jobs, it is smart to start with the Internet, especially if you are living in another country. There are a number of job portals online that can help you gauge the current employment market and help you find the industries and companies that match your skill set.

Reading the local papers is also another way to search for your next job in Singapore. There are a number of English-language papers that post classified ads for jobs of all types.

A third way to find a great job opportunity in Singapore is to know which companies have headquarters or foreign offices in the country. Even if they are not hiring at the moment, you can keep those companies in mind in case they do start hiring for positions you are qualified to accept.



Preparing for the job market in Singapore is similar to any other modern country. What you will want to do first is to make sure that your resume it up to date and showcases your talent in your area of expertise. The only difference in the Singapore market is that most interviewers like resumes to be in chronological order, unlike American resumes that use reverse chronological order.

Once your resume is complete and sent to the companies you would like to work with, you may be called for an interview. This interview can take place in a variety of ways. Large companies may have a recruitment representative in your own country. A telephone interview may also be used. If you impress the interviewer, you may be asked to a second interview in Singapore. Since Singapore is rather conservative, it is important to dress in proper business clothes and have great business etiquette before, during and after the interview. This is also the interview where you will want to ask questions, showing that you are genuinely interested in working for the company.


Seeking Assistance

If you are having trouble locating potential job opportunities on you own, you can utilize the services of executive search firms to help you on your path to employment in Singapore. These firms will help you understand what the current job market looks like and can help you evaluate your ability to get the job of your dreams.


Is It Easy For Foreigners To Find Jobs in Singapore?
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