It is recommended to wear a helmet while biking. Wearing a helmet requires a proper fit and in some cases it may take several attempts to make certain that it is a good fit. It is suggested that that head be measured with measuring tape, to obtain the approximate dimensions.

Wear a few helmets to see if one will fit comfortably. The helmet ought to sit firmly on top of the head while not permitting any movement from side to side. The helmet should not slide around loosely when worn. A new helmet will include some sizing pads to ensure that the helmet fits tightly to the head and it may be necessary to use mixed pads to obtain the greatest fit. If the helmet is for a child’s head, it is essential that the padding be detached from the helmet as the child’s head grows to fill in the helmet. More commonly, the helmet may have a universal fitting ring. This is often in place of sizing pads and the ring can easily be adjusted to fit the head size.


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The helmet must be level on the head but also low on the forehead. Extend the index and middle finger of one hand and place these two fingers directly over an eyebrow. Use this distance from that eyebrow to the top of the index finger to position the front of the helmet. The belt straps on most helmets can be lengthened by pulling on them or they can be shortened. The key is to center the left buckle under the chin when worn. The slider control on the belts requires adjusting to form a “V” shape around the front of both of the ears.


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It is important that all belt straps are buckled and taut against the skin, with no more than two fingers-width of space between the jawbone and the strap. Check the fit by opening the mouth as if to say “Ah” as widely as possible. As this occurs, the helmet should be felt to pull down on the head, if this doesn’t happen, then further tighten the chin belt. If the helmet can move back and forth more than two fingers distance from the eyebrows then it needs to be unbuckled to shorten the front belt strap. Once shortened by moving the slider then it can be buckled again to tighten against the jawbone. Check the fit once more to see if the helmet is able to move over covering the eyes.



It is important that the helmet fit the current head shape that it is purchased for and not for a head shape that will be later grown into. The proper size can be manipulated using pads but it’s best to find the right molded fit. Always make sure that the helmet covers the forehead and that the chin belt is tight, preventing the helmet from sliding around. Helmet safety is very important and you can buy bike helmets here or visit this online bike shop.



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