Hopping into a taxi and instantly noticing no meters running can be a fear for most. After all, how much are they going to charge? How are they going to keep track of the mileage? For those who come in contact with a taxi that doesn’t have a meter, here are some things to keep in mind:

Agree on a Fare

Before the taxi even starts going down the road, agree to a fare ahead of time. While some taxi drivers may argue with this strategy, it’s going to help avoid higher taxi rates at the end of the trip. If no one agrees to a fare ahead of time, the driver can simply ask for whatever he/she deems appropriate, and guess what? No one will be able to argue with it. So whether it’s a long trip to the hotel or a quick hop up the road, there should be fixed rate set that both parties agree upon. To make things comfortable, get it in writing.


Have Proper Change

Be ready to have exact change when entering a cab. One of the biggest scams around the globe is when the driver tells the passenger that they don’t have exact change. While some may be telling the truth, this isn’t always the case. Even if the taxi driver is honest without a meter, they still pull this scam off. For those who don’t know what to bring in terms of money, it’s best to bring a lot of smaller bills.


Know the Directions

Those who enter a city not knowing where to go will quickly be spotted by taxi drivers. Before a trip even begins, know what routes should be taken. If possible, bring a map and let the driver know where the destination is and what route is recommended. Drivers without a meter will often take the longer route because the rider won’t be able to watch the mileage and dollar amount pile up. While this doesn’t often happen with a trusted maxicab company, it’s bound to happen with a handful of shady drivers.

Stick with Licensed Cabs

Cities around the globe often will have licensed cabs driving around the city. These cabs will have to abide by local rules and by law, they will have to have their meters running. If a licensed cab is spotted and the meter isn’t running, be sure to report them to the local authorities.

Don’t Be Afraid

No matter where a trip happens, there are going to be shady taxi drivers everywhere. For those who don’t have an aggressive attitude, just say no to a taxi that has no meters running or if the situation just doesn’t feel right. If a credible taxi is hard to find, an alternative option would be to check for a local airport transfer service that can go from one point to another for a fixed rate.

Taxis are going to be around no matter what. By learning to deal with them, one can avoid higher fees and aggressive attitudes.

How to Deal With Taxis That Don’t Use Meters
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