Web hosting has been described as internet real estate. It is the property you build your website on. In real estate, the call is “location, location, location,” but on the internet, the location does not matter as much as what you get with that piece of land. Whether you are an individual who wants to start a fun blog or a large company looking to cement your online presence, there is a solution perfect for you.




Individuals and Hobby Sites

Bloggers, niche site enthusiasts and people who want a basic site for their family or group can start out small with just a few extras in their host package. If you are not sure what you are doing, you might like to choose a company with documentation or live help. Some offer a plethora of free templates to choose from, or even basic design services for free or a small fee.

Unless you are making a website for your own personal use, expect to pay for web hosting. Free hosting displays ads on your page, which can detract from your content. Prices can range from less than $1.00 per month up to costs over $100. Only pay for what you need. Go along with Gigabit for standard web hosting cost analysis.

Some characteristics to look for when choosing the right online property for you are: percent of up time, lack of advertisements, easy integration with popular CMS’s like WordPress and Joomla and WYSIWYG template or graphics editor.


Commercial Sites, Ecommerce and Business Websites

While many companies buy big web hosting packages at the start with the expectation of rapid growth, it may be more economical to start smaller and add on storage space and bandwidth as you grow. Why pay more for what you do not need? This puts the potential for future expansion at the top of the list for things to look for when choosing which company to go with.

If you intend to have multiple websites, consider a group package of hosting deals or reseller hosting. This allows more than one domain and complete site for one cost, which is frequently lower than if you purchase them all separately. Reseller options also make it easy to have different people running each website in a company situation.

Convenience, capabilities and confidence are the things to look for when deciding which webs hosting package to purchase. Whether you are just one person dipping your toes into the internet world of a million dollar corporation who wishes to expand, you can find the best options at the best prices if you take the time to research.


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How to Choose the Right Web Hosting for You
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