The obesity epidemic in America is reaching epic proportions. There is no doubt that obesity contributes to many health problems. Fortunately, more Americans are learning about nutrition and how to lose excess weight.

For many, good nutrition starts with a healthy breakfast. Fruit juice has long been a staple of the American breakfast with orange juice as the most popular choice. However, not all orange juices are the same. Learning about the differences can make a difference in weight loss as well.


What are calories?

While calories are often viewed as bad when it comes to weight loss, it is important to realize that a calorie is simply a unit of energy. Most would agree that energy is paramount in a healthy lifestyle.

The problem comes when people consume too many calories. The “fuel” necessary for the body overflows the “tank” which spills over into weight gain.





What is the calorie source?

Just as important as the amount of calories people consume is the quality of those calories. Most people would agree that the calories from a can of soda are not a good source of energy. This stems from the fact that those calories come from sugar. Excess sugar depletes the body of nutrients and exacerbates weight gain.

Juices have fallen out of favor in recent years because they are often empty calories as well. Many juices have added sugars that negate the benefits of the juice.

Most orange juice products have a calorie count per serving higher than a can of soda. While a twelve ounce can of soda contains around 150 calories, the same amount of a leading brand of orange juice contains 174. Although the ingredients may be from a better a source, the calories can still cause weight gain.

Also, calories from beverages are not typically satiating calories. Therefore, it is wise to limit calories in drinks.





What are the best juice options?

While this is disturbing for those who are trying to lose weight and love their morning glass of orange juice, there are better options available. Americans should always avoid juices with added sugars. However, choosing a pure orange juice product is a bit trickier.

Fresh squeezed orange juice is closest to the way nature intended. Unfortunately, it is not always convenient to squeeze one’s juice from fresh oranges every morning. Packaged juices save time and effort in a busy schedule.

Marigold Orange Juice @ Red Mart is a great product. It has 30 to 36 fewer calories per eight ounce glass than other leading brands of orange juice. It is wise to consume all beverages in moderation, but this juice is a great option for those who want to lose weight and enjoy a breakfast juice at the same time.

When Americans start their days with proper nutrition, the rest of the day often follows a similar pattern. Mindful calorie consumption in beverages such as juice will lead to weight loss and reduce the obesity problem in this country.


Benefit of orange juice


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