A twinning programme in business allows students to pursue a business course or degree from a reputed university usually located outside of their home country. The programme is intended to be completed with an educational provider that is affiliated with the university offering the programme. Students who successfully complete the business twinning programme are etiher awarded a degree from the university offering the programme. Some twinning programmes are designed to facilitate students in completing part of the programme in their home stations with the remainder due to be completed in the overseas university offering the programme.

A business twinning programme is different from a dual program whereby a student is allowed to pursue two separate degrees, for instance, one awarded by their own educational institution and the other from an international university or business school.

A twinning programme is an effort made by academic institutions to facilitate students in studying abroad. The programme makes it easier for students to procure an internationally recognised bachelor or master program without ripping their wallets. Twinning programmes are quickly gaining popularity among students owing to the notable cost-savings derived from such understandings.

Multi-cultural experience for the students!
Benefits and save cost!


In addition to low cost, a twinning programme offers multi-cultural experience to students, allowing them to engage with students from other parts of the world as they work together to identify new fields of science and humanities. Many of these relationships go a long way towards giving students an edge in their professional careers.

Besides business studies, twinning programmes are offered for many other fields of study, such as engineering, finance, humanities and accounting.

Collaboration of academic institutions among each other is very important!


The success of twinning programmes depends largely on the collaboration of academic institutions with one another. However, institutions must also consider the business impact of such understandings before signing an agreement with another institution. Universities and institutions that have been formerly working together in different disciplines are at better chances of offering a twinning programme. Institutions are realizing the value of such strategic relationships, and are identifying ways of making education more accessible to the global student body.

Find institution that have good reputation!


If you are looking to join a twin programme in business, you must consider the reputation of the institution offering this programme, faculty, language of course, and the extracurricular activities offered by the school.

How is a Business Twinning Programme Useful for You?