Enrolling for law school is exciting for many students. New adventures await as you await graduation, the bar examination and working on your profession. The best gifts for law students are those that prepare them for the next chapter in their lives.

Black’s Law Dictionary

Every aspiring lawyer needs to have a Black’s Law Dictionary. This is one of the most reputable and known dictionary in the practice of law. Many lawyers use this reference book to look up complex legal terms and often cite the dictionary in their legal memos and briefs. The Black’s Law Dictionary has over 45,000 definitions and is available in deluxe and abridged print versions as well as digital application.

“The Thinker” Bookends

Auguste Rodin’s “The Thinker Statute” is a common feature in many law firms and offices. This book makes a fitting gift for law school students because lawyers often spend significant amounts of time thinking about legal problems and issues. Many law students will appreciate the symbolic nature of these bookends. Using bookends also allows law students to maintain a clean and organized bookshelf, which speaks to their professionalism.

Gift Certificates

Many law school students begin to prepare for their bar examinations within a week or two after graduating law school. Consequently, many law school graduates have little or no time to indulge in shopping or hobbies after graduation. Gift certificates can make life easier and more convenient for law school students at this time. Offer gift certificates to restaurants as well as movie certificates for study breaks. Spa gift certificates make fitting gift ideas for law students especially prior to exams; it can help them relax before the exam period.

Professional Tools

Certain gifts like leather portfolios, cardholders and fountain pens can help law students look professional and organized. Experienced attorneys can often spot new lawyers and this may often work against the new lawyer. Professional tools can help law students exude an air of confidence and look professional, which can show others that they should be taken seriously.

When someone enrolls for law studies, it is a great occasion. Law school years as well as the months studying for the bar are very demanding times for aspiring lawyers. Therefore, when choosing a gift for a law student, choose one that befits their status and potential.

Gifts Ideas for Law School Students