A home’s exterior is important to its owner, and selecting the right awning and roof design is a task within itself. The selection of roof tiles available is vast, and it is an advantage to know the characteristics of each type. Different colors and styles can be bought, depending on what the home owner’s wishes are.

One roof style is asphalt shingles. This style is used most frequently because the installation process is easy and it is budget friendly. One of the greatest attributes of asphalt shingles, is that it is fire-resistant and its life expectancy extends beyond 15 years, and within the range of 3 decades. But the downside may outweigh all of the characteristics mentioned. Asphalt shingle designs are prone to wear and tear right off within those acclaimed decades. This downside shines a light on the products available at supercool.com.my. Not only do they offer longer lasting designs, those designs are creative and add a hint of luxury to whatever structure it is applied to. It lends a vibe that points toward the island theme and high end lifestyle, which is what the company represents.

Homeowners will benefit from the fact that the roof designs offered at supercool.com.my are actually strong within themselves, unlike commonly made roof designs that aren’t fortified with concrete or clay. Some roofs are made of slate, but only certain homes can withstand the weight of the material, and slate isn’t available in more than one color.

Laminated glass is among the options offered at supercool.com.my. It is considered a safety glass because its installation is acceptable by any structure of building. It reflects sun light, which has a cooling effect and heat control. It also provides protection from UV rays, and it can be used in conjunction with wood material. Pergola is another product that adds comfort to areas it is installed in. It provides shade so that individuals may enjoy that particular area without the discomfort of direct sun light.

Polycarbonate awnings are another investment to consider. The material translates into durability in the finished product, and it is imported from different locations such as Taiwan, Korea, and Switzerland. It is heavier ad more sufficient than other materials, such as acrylic. It is usually comparable to material that is used in the production of bulletproof glass. The polycarbonate awnings provide in depth shelter and are reliable coverings that endure all types of elements. Overall, home owners who wish to add a refined finish to their homes will benefit from the options of roof tiles offered. 

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Effects of Different Roof and Awning Designs