Creating a shop on Facebook is a great way to allow your fans to browse your products, share them with their friends, and make purchases right on the site. It allows you to promote your retail to a larger audience without having to pay hefty advertising expenses. Through a Facebook shop, sellers can drive new sales, reward fans, and offer deals. Without further ado, here is how you can set up a shop and start benefiting.


1. Install a third party Facebook Store app onto your Facebook page. 

The first step is to install this app so that it will be visibly housed right on your tab bar, under the cover photo on your page. One of the best apps to use is, which will help start your store and manage your sales at a low monthly cost. Once you have installed the app of your choosing, move the tab so that it will be visible on your Facebook page. To do this, hover over the top right corner of the store app and click the pencil. Select another of your apps that you would like to swap it with. Then, your Facebook store will have an optimal position that will not be missed by potential buyers.

Make sure you customize the store tab icon too. For example, by clicking on the pencil and the edit settings option, you can change the title and tab image. It will take you to another page where you will be able to upload an image or type in new text. To upload an image, choose file and select the picture from your computer or camera. Then, exit the page and go back to your own page to see the magnificent new results.

2. Import your products through the third party app. 

In order to sync your products onto your Facebook shop, the app will create an inventory through your website or product source. This can be completed by simply typing in the URL of the website, while the app does all the hard work for you. Then, the imported products will be displayed right onto your Facebook page. Ensure that the products are easy for customers to browse through afterwards. Creating easy browsing, through large icon boxes that are clickable and clearly labeled, will draw in customers to make purchases.


3. Set up Like-Gating and other merchandising functions. 

Through a third party app, you can set up Like-Gating within your Facebook store. This is an excellent way to boost your potential sales. All customers will have to ‘Like’ the page in order to enter it and browse through the products. The more ‘Likes’ that you receive, the more people you will be able to reach out to. Also, add custom banners that will advertise any sales or promotions that you are currently having. This will be a great way to catch shoppers’ attention when they are looking to snag some bargains.

Now that you have created a fabulous shop on Facebook, go ahead and start promoting as much as possible. Keep fans updated on your business, post new products, and set up some special offers to gain new customers (also see F-Commerce: How to Market Your New Facebook Store). Follow these tips and you will be on your way to running a successful online business!


E-Commerce: How To Create A Facebook Shop
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