There are myriad diets and weight loss programs for you to choose from. The surprising news is that all of them can be effective at helping you to lose weight. However, finding one you will stick to is different. The biggest detriment to losing weight is not understanding that a permanent lifestyle change is necessary and that a simple rule of calories is at the heart of all successful programs designed to help you lose weight.


The Rule of Calories

Your body burns calories whether you are active or sedentary, awake or asleep. The total amount of calories you burn each day is based on your activity level. The total amount of calories you take in is totally comprised of what you eat and drink. The simple rule is for your body to burn more calories than you are taking in to lose weight. You can either do this by eating fewer calories (a diet), or you can do it by burning more calories with increased activity. A combination of the two is most beneficial. This is because activity builds muscle that requires more calories to sustain itself than fat.


How to Count Your Calories to Lose Weight Fast and See Results! No More Excuses!



The Weight Loss Programs

Some programs stress calorie reductions by using foods that make you feel more satiated. Some programs stress higher activity levels. It depends on what type of person you are as to what type of weight loss programs are likely to be the most effective for you personally. If you are more sedentary, then a calorie reduction program that includes extra snacks would be helpful. If you are always on the go, then an activity-based program that allows you to eat more may be helpful. Those in between need to find a program that meets both food intake and activity output somewhere in the middle.


Diet Myth Infographic


High intensity workouts are not for everyone, but you do need to become more active if you are sedentary. If you already exercise but still have issues with too much weight, then working out harder or even smarter may make all the difference in putting your body into the calorie debt it needs on a daily basis to lose weight. Of course, healthy foods from all of the food groups are best because your body needs micro and macronutrients (vitamins, minerals, fiber, anti oxidants, etc.) to lose weight fast. Starvation diets are harmful, and you are likely to quickly regain any weight lost.


Do Weight Loss Programs Help You Lose Weight Faster?
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