Whether pursued as a hobby or as a professional occupation, the sport of race car driving requires very specific qualifications of the driver. The driving experience behind the wheel of a race car can prove to be exciting as well as lucrative. But the driving experience necessary differs from that of a passenger car driver. A driver can’t just jump into a race car and speed away. Racing experience must be acquired over time and every successful race car driver has had to pay his dues prior to taking that first victory lap.

Every race car driver must be in good physical and mental condition, with good eyesight and better than average coordination. Drivers also need to be as slim and trim as possible because there is not a lot of room for extra pounds when seated in a race car cockpit. It is also very helpful for a driver to be mechanically inclined and be able to think through problems logically. The younger an individual starts getting Ferrari racing experience the better, although people of all ages can begin becoming a race car driver no matter their current age. Many people start by visiting their local dirt or asphalt racetrack and applying for a pit pass so they can see firsthand what is involved in race car driving from individuals who are expert at it. Good reading and comprehension skills are also necessary in order to pass the test for a racing permit which differs from a normal driving license.

Attending a professional racing school is an excellent path toward a goal of supercar driving experience. Here a student can interact with racing professionals and people who know the ins and outs of the racing circuit. Many good networking connections can be made by going to racing school. Attending a racing school provides the novice driver with practical knowledge about how a racing car operates and all the elements necessary to keep it well maintained, from engine to tires. Because there are different racing circuits, the information learned at one racing school may prepare a driver for a specific class of racing, but additional study will be needed in order to prepare for another racing class.

In order to succeed at race car driving, an individual must not be afraid of hard work and getting plenty of practice. Beyond having a solid foundation knowing all the technical aspects of a race car, having driving experience is essential whether the individual wants to race for pleasure or become a professional race car driver. Next sport racing guide: Amass Your Supercar Driving Experience at Racing Schools.

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Critical Skills You’ll Need To Be a Race Car Driver