One of the most valuable degrees you can choose is a business degree. Business degrees can lead to employment in a number of different industries and businesses. A business degree makes you eligible for positions in education, medicine, government and the private sector. More than this, because business degrees are applicable in so many different situations, new positions are opening up all the time. Universities are constantly adding new types of business degrees in order to satisfy the ever growing demands of both students and potential employers. Below are some of the business degrees that are most in demand at this time.


The Ubiquitous MBA

Still among the most popular of all business degrees, a Masters of Business Administration provides you with greater potential for higher-paying jobs. It also gives you more bargaining power during your discussions with the hiring department. Unquestionably, an MBA makes a job applicant much more attractive to business and industry than one who only has a B.A. This is because employers recognize that these individuals have demonstrated a complete mastery of management and quantitative methods. They also know that candidates with a recent MBA will have an up-to-date understanding of the changes taking place technologically and globally in the business environment. If you want to work your way to the top of a Fortune 500 company, you’ll probably need an MBA.


Economics and Finance
Economics and finance provide generous salary and the potential for a sizeable bonus at years end.


Economics and Finance

There are also tremendous benefits to getting degrees in economics and finance. Many of the top universities in the world offer degrees in these areas, and a majority of their graduates choose these types of degrees is their steppingstone to a business career. Applicants with these degrees can choose from a range of jobs, particularly within the financial sector. There are almost always openings at banks, in the stock market or with hedge funds. Obtaining one of these positions usually means a generous salary and the potential for a sizable bonus at years end.


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Acounting is thw most in-demand business degrees is the fied.



In recent years, one of the most in-demand business degrees is an accounting degree. More than this, it’s expected that individuals with accounting degrees will continue to be highly sought after in the years to come. After all, all businesses are governed by numbers, and it’s the accountants who keep track of these numbers for management. One of the best things about an accounting degree is that (because it is in such high demand) it is relatively easy to switch jobs when you want to.


usiness Management and Administration
Business management and administration is that highly flexible because of the diversity of subjects they covered.


Business Management and Administration

One of the advantages of a degree in business management and administration is that it is highly flexible. Job candidates who have received this degree have greater flexibility in finding employment because of the diversity of subjects they covered while they were earning their degree. As students, these candidates will have closely reviewed case studies of actual companies. This kind of in-depth training helps a new employee applied the abstract knowledge they gained to a real-world environment.

Business Degrees That Are in Demand in 2015