Traveling with a baby can be done; it just requires planning and some extra packing to keep baby happy. The good news is there are now a number of products guaranteed to help make any trip with a baby as easy and stress-free as possible. Keeping baby fed, comfortable and rested is important to the success of a travel adventure.

Bottle Warmer

For babies still breastfeeding or drinking warmed formula, a travel-friendly bottle warmer is a necessity. Parents will appreciate an easy to use bottle warmer that quickly warms the bottle but does not overheat. The gel pack in the warmer can also be used to keep food cold.



Travel Food Pouch

A traveling parent will love having a travel food pouch. No one enjoys lugging around jars of baby food, and parents can use the pouches to make large batches of food using their own ingredients and freeze them, so they’re always ready to go. By making baby food at home, a parent can skip the preservatives and chemicals in a lot of commercial products.
Color change food pouch spoon

A color change spoon is an innovative way to make sure a baby never gets served food too hot because the spoon will change color depending on the food’s temperature. It fits onto a travel pouch, so no one has to spend time digging around the bottom of a diaper bag or purse to find it.


Travel Backpack

When a parent has to go through airports or navigate a new city, there are many times they’ll need both hands free. A safe and secure travel backpack is a must. For smaller babies, an infant sling is handy as it can be used to keep baby comfortable and sleeping, as an extra blanket, or to cover while breastfeeding.


Travel Sleep/ Play Pen

A baby can sleep anywhere, but once they’re crawling, keeping them safe is a challenge. It’s possible not all hotels or homes visited on a trip will have a crib or playpen available, so this would be an excellent gift for parents about to embark on a trip. And if they get the travel crib early enough, baby can spend some time sleeping and playing in it so it’s familiar, an important part of traveling stress-free.

Samsonite Baby Travel Sleep
Samsonite Baby Travel Sleep





Travel baby products are a great gift for anyone about to travel with a baby in tow, and the right product can mean baby enjoys the trip so parents can too. Visit “my LIFEINC” at for some great ideas on more travel baby products.

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