There are many kinds of web hosting services available to webmasters and online entrepreneurs, such as shared hosting, VPS, dedicated and cloud hosting. The type of web hosting you get will depend mainly on the kind of websites you want to run and the amount of traffic you expect to get. Dedicated web hosting is a great choice for those who want to build a site that receives a large amount of visitors each day, or that uses a lot of server resources. Examples of sites that would fall in this category are ecommerce sites and online discussion forums where a few dozen users are logged in at the same time.

Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting

When compared to shared hosting, a dedicated host gives you numerous advantages. Remember that you get an entire server all to yourself. This means you will not be sharing any of its resources with other users, so you can feel free to take advantage of all the power the server’s hardware can deliver. Being the only one on the server also has security advantages. With a shared server, if one of the websites hosted on it is compromised by malware, other sites hosted on it could be affected as well.

If you’re looking for dedicated server hosting in Malaysia or in any other country, you will realize that hosting service providers offer a wide range of server options. The first choice you will need to make is which operating system you will be running on your server: Windows or Linux. This decision comes down to the type of software you will need to power your site. Some scripts and tools may only run on Linux, as it is the most common platform for web servers. But if you’re more familiar with the Windows operating system and don’t need to run any software that is only available on Linux, you may consider just getting a Windows-based server.

Another decision you will have to make is the server’s hardware configuration. You can choose the type of CPU, amount of RAM and storage space. If you are unsure of the hardware you need, you can ask the hosting company’s sales department to recommend one based on your unique needs. For example, if you host a video sharing site where users can upload their own videos, you will need a server that has generous amounts of disk space.

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Advantages of Using Dedicated Server Hosting in Malaysia