You’ve heard of fruit-based skin exfoliators, chemical peels and Botox, but when was the last time you were told that a single fruit—this time, the humble tomato—can improve your skin in multiple ways and you don’t even have to sit still or interrupt your schedule to reap the benefits of this revolutionary fruit? This isn’t just any tomato, mind you. It’s a white tomato that’s cultivated just for skin care rather than culinary pursuits. Sound too good to be true? Read more and see if you don’t agree that taking Crystal Tomato in Singapore is the wisest beauty move you’ve made in years!

1. All ingredients are natural

Putting artificial ingredients into your body, even to pamper your skin, is wrong on so many counts. Crystal Tomato is made from 100-percent natural ingredients that have been synthesized down to easy-to-swallow tablets that include the “secret ingredient”: non-genetically modified white tomatoes, hence the product name.


2. Loads of antioxidants

Who can get enough? Not you. Anti-oxidants protect against the environment’s biggest skin enemies, free radicals. Crystal Tomato offers anti-inflammatory help if you hurt yourself, too. There’s no way to avoid free radicals or accidents, but with Crystal Tomato therapy, you can win the battle against both.




3. It’s a sunscreen, too

How does this little pill do it? The properties found in Crystal Tomato block both UVA and UVB rays so while it’s wise to wear a sunscreen if you’re overdoing it in the sun, Crystal Tomato will do preliminary work on your behalf to ward off UV damage, sunburn and photo-oxidation.




4. And it blocks melanin

You can’t avoid melanin; it’s built into your DNA. But that doesn’t mean you have to stand for the negative effects brought on by having too much in your system. The reduction in melanin that’s the result of taking Crystal Tomato means that you can expect your pigmentation trouble spots—freckles, age spots, dark acne scars and dark underarms—to be noticeably reduced, thanks to those clever little white tomatoes!


5. No slathering!

Do you sometimes feel as though you’re getting “greased up for the day” to protect your skin from the ravages of nature? Slather no more. This one-a-day oral formulation starts working the minute you swallow it, so you can kiss “dry time” goodbye as your skin improves amazingly from within.



6. Scientists approve

Crystal Tomato is literally the first oral health product that’s been scientifically proven to whiten and brighten skin, hide dark blemishes and prevent new pigmentation spots from popping up. Colourless carotenoids are the secret weapons that do all of this work on your behalf, and scientists can’t deny the benefits they see from this little pill.


7. So convenient!

You’re crazy busy; work, social life, family, you name it. Who’s got time to remember to take potions, pills and pharma products that require you to stay anchored to bottles and tablets you must ingest to keep your skin pristine? Simply pop a Crystal Tomato tablet into your mouth once daily and voila! You’re done. Toss a blister pack of 10 into your purse. Since you get a one-month supply in each box, you only have to buy this product 12 times a year.


8. It’s safe.

Pill X can’t be taken with food. Pill Y requires food. Who can keep track of which requires what? When you take Crystal Tomato, there are no restrictions, contraindications or incompatabilies to worry about, so take it day or night, before or after food, understanding that Crystal Tomato works best if taken at the same time each day. When was the last time a supplement promised so much? You decide. This is one tomato you’ll fall in love with. Guaranteed



8 Ways Crystal Tomato Can Help You Achieve Amazing Skin!