Most tourists planning on coming to Malaysia have a few critical items sorted out in advance. Those things include air travel to Kuala Lumpur and even accommodation in a 5 star hotel in Malaysia. However, not figuring out how to get around the country after arrival often leads to many logistical nightmares.


These travel tips can help families (or couples) save money and time, and avoid frustrating inconveniences while touring Malaysia:

Railway Transportation to the Rescue


Train transportation connects Kuala Lumpur to so many cities beaming with incredible sights, sounds, and other tourist attractions. Someone staying in KL, for example, may link up with the electric train service and reach Ipoh. The journey to the city, which is 180 km to the north of KL, takes 2 hours or less.


Ipoh is a city boasting a blend of a rich cultural heritage, outstanding natural scenery and parks, and historical monuments. From the Perek Cave Temple and Enlightened Heart Buddhist to D.R. Seenivasagam Park—these landmarks present some breathtaking experiences for tourists. It’s possible to go back to KL the same day, with ETS trains clocking up to 140 km/h.

Intercity Air Travel


Domestic flights are a priority when there are many places to check out in a short time. The good news is that there are many budget airlines connecting cities in Malaysia such as Air Asia. FireFly and Malaysian Airlines are also affordable domestic air travel options. For example, a roundtrip ticket for two adults from KL to Penang via Air Asia may cost less than RM100.


It’s also relatively cheap to fly to Langkawi by air. A total of 104 islands make up this awe-inspiring jewel in the middle of the Andaman Sea. There are great 5-star hotels there, averaging a price of around RM1800 for a couple per room. The destination boasts iconic structures worth seeing, like the Langkawi Sky Bridge, expansive national parks, and natural sceneries.

Short-Distance Commute by Bus


If just touring Kuala Lumpur to sightsee or shop, travel by bus is one of the most tourist-friendly options. Besides, many public bus transport services there provide more choices for the budget traveller. An example is the Go KL City Bus services plying between KLCC and Bukit Bintang. Likewise, the Rapid KL service has some all-day ticket packages costing as low as RM1 for unlimited travel on specific routes.


Long-Distance Transportation by Bus


Buses are great for tourists leaving KL when they prefer something faster than the train but cheaper than air. Fortunately, there are enough bus operators to cater to the budget of everyone travelling to and from the capital. There, the Transnasional is the most popular among the cheapest long-distance bus services. Tickets can vary from RM15 to RM40, depending on the destination and bus Company.


Transit from KL to northern cities like Cameron Highlands and Alor Setar begins at the Pudu Sentral bus terminus. Hentian Putra is for travellers heading east to places like Kuala Terengganu. On the other hand, south-bound tourists board their buses at Terminal Bersepadu Selatan. Expensive luxury coach services are plying these routes too.

Travel by Car


There are several practical options for travelling by car while touring Malaysia. The most common (and cheapest) of the alternatives is the taxi. The actual fare depends on the time of the day, taxi company, and available routes. In Kuala Lumpur, the standard tariff is RM1.50 per km or RM25 per hour. It’s possible to book private taxi services via Apps such as Grab and Uber which is often even cheaper than metered taxis.


Another option is to rent a car, which is excellent for travellers who seek complete exclusivity and autonomy. That comes at an approximate price of RM100 per day, though. A new tourist may prefer a personal car that has a working GPS navigation, air conditioning, and probably a radio.


Tourists intending to explore Malaysia’s vibrant cities and beautiful scenery should plan their entire itinerary ahead of time. It’ll make their stay much more enjoyable knowing how to get around once they’ve left the comfort of their 5 star resort hotel in Malaysia!


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