Whether you run a smaller or larger office, you may struggle with a wide range of challenges from time to time. Regardless of the industry that you work in, many businesses share similar problems and concerns regarding everything from lagging productivity to poor morale and more. The good news is that there are a few easy tips that you can follow that can help you to improve the management of your office with fabulous results.

Create A Strong Relationship With Employees


Plan a Team Building Event

Everything from on-the-job stress to fatigue and more can cause employees to have short fuses and to lash out at each other from time to time. It may be more common for employees who do not have a strong bond or who do not understand each other on a personal level to do so, and this can create poor morale and may even lead to a higher turnover rate. Team building is a great way for your employees to build trust and respect as well as to work on communication and other skills. You can begin planning a team building event today so that your staff can benefit in these areas.

Get Feedback For Better Improvement


Ask for Feedback at Employee Reviews

In most companies, a manager or owner will meet with each employee for an annual review. The employee’s performance during the past year will be discussed, and this is typically a one-way review. However, many employees may have some great ideas regarding how to improve the company as a whole, small changes that could ease their stress at work and other topics that may need to be discussed. You can ask your employees to fill out a survey in writing, or you can discuss any concerns or recommendations in a verbal format. This will help your employees to feel valued, and it may also improve your retention rate and boost morale.

Adjust Responsibilities Based on Skills

Each of your employees may have unique skills, and most have aspects of their jobs that the love and dislike. For example, some introverts may not feel comfortable speaking at corporate events, but others may love doing this. In some cases, it is simply imperative that an employee in a certain position complete a required task. However, you may be able to juggle and adjust duties in an equitable way based on skills and enthusiasm for those duties. This may improve productivity and morale.

A Better Working Envoronment

Consider a Serviced Office

Some employees at smaller businesses or branch locations may feel stressed when they do not have the right support and infrastructure in place to facilitate their tasks. A serviced office may be a great solution, and these are offices that may provide administrative support, a common or shared work area and other services. You can get more information on serviced offices to discover if this is a good solution for your business.

Opt for Compassion When Needed

It is important for all businesses to have established rules in place regarding everything from dress code to attendance, and each company will have a different policy with regards to enforcing the rules. However, when management is too strict and does not account for those times in an employee’s life when problems beyond their control arise, the employee can feel stressed and unhappy. Furthermore, other employees can also hear about the management decisions and develop ill will for the business as well. There are instances when a company needs to enforce rules and consequences, but there are also times when an ounce of compassion can go a long way toward spreading goodwill in the company.

Office management can be tricky and complicated at times, and many office managers find themselves dealing with sticky situations and wondering what the best course of action is for a specific problem. There are some steps that you can take to be proactive about improving morale and productivity in the workplace, as described here. In addition, when problems do arise, you should carefully consider if showing compassion or strictly enforcing the rules would be better for the company and for the employee.

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