In order to enjoy a trip there are a few things to make sure to pack and bring along to have peace of mind and be able to reduce any stress. The way to make it less stressful is to make a list of these fundamentals and check them off as they are added to the packed luggage.

1) Money: Cash, Debit/Credit Cards, Traveler’s Checks, etc. are all forms of payment. It depends on where you plan to visit that should help with the decision on which type of money you should bring. Make sure to have enough to cover lodging (if necessary), transportation, and especially food. It’s always a good idea to have some money set aside in case of an emergency.

2)Cell Phone and battery Charger: Most people like to pack cameras, maps, computers, and mp3 players or iPods, but if you have a smart phone with all or most of those features, that is all you will need. Try to make the packing as light as possible. It leaves less to worry about forgetting one of those things.

3)Toiletries: Pack all the toiletries that you will need to use during your trip. Some of the basic toiletries include soap, deodorant, lotion, shaving cream, and razor. Add bug spray, sunscreen, aloe vera gel, or anything else you may think may fit the needs of your trip to your packing list as well. It is based on the destination of where you are going.

4)Clothes: Make sure to have something to wear for each day planned for the trip. Make sure to have a variety for different occasions and weather. Make sure to pack tops, bottoms, socks, shoes, hats, and underwear, because those are the things that are forgotten most often. If you are heading on a trip where you’ll go swimming, don’t forget your swimwear. Try to have one to two extra outfits in case you stay longer than planned, or something happens to one of the outfits in your planned line up of outfits.

5)Travel Personal Information: Always have your photo ID, proof of insurance (health and car), and if you are visiting a different country keep your passport with you at all times. Having your forms of identification is a safety net in case of emergencies. Having this information readily available, is an important way to allow you to receive medical assistance. If something happens to you, having car insurance allows you to be able to exchange information and/or be able to rent a car if you are in an accident and need new transportation. Also, whenever visiting another country, your passport is your lifeline. It’s best to keep it attached on your hip so it is not lost or stolen and is accessible anytime and at anyplace you may need it.

These Five Fundamentals should help clear your mind and be prepared for almost any situation.

Tips by China Sonangol

5 Fundamentals To Pack When Traveling