Traveling can be made a lot less stressful if you plan ahead of time. Travel reviews can inform you on the opinions of travelers who have reviewed hotels, bed and breakfast lodgings, restaurants and tourist attractions. The original photos that the travelers post to a site are a lot more informative than the words written. Read carefully about what the posters have to say. If there is a negative review, check to see if it is just an unhappy experience that the traveler had or a picky traveler. The more reviews about a certain destination that are posted, the better idea you will have about your trip.


44974Frequent Flyer Miles

Frequent flyer miles do expire and there is no advantage in just piling up the miles. Use them on extra freebies that the airlines offer. Some will offer free trips, electronics, magazines or even golf clubs. The equation to help you decide on using your frequent flyer miles is to find the value of the miles you have built up. Each mile is worth about 1.2 cents. You will be charged about 25,000 frequent flyer miles for most round trip flights within the United States. At the 1.2 cent rate, you will have about $300 to your advantage. If your flight is less than the $300, pay cash for your trip and save your miles for another trip.


49099Travel Insurance for Peace of Mind

Always buy travel insurance for expensive trips that are not refundable. The insurance will cover you for an emergency illness, lost baggage or a delay. Some of the trips cost will be covered if you have to cut the trip short or cancel the trip altogether. Some insurance policies will cover you if you are laid off from your job. Choose an established insurance company that is not likely to go out of business before the end of your trip.


10952Pack Light for Your Trip

No matter how you are traveling, know what specific items you want to take along for your trip. Take natural colors for your skirts and pants. You can add color to your outfits with your tops or jackets. Pack only two pairs of shoes and leave the toiletries behind. Pick them up later. You can always ship items ahead if needed.

Most travelers can tell you their travel tales of getting better deals by shopping after you have already scheduled your trip. If you have made hotel and car reservations, check with each company again about a week before your trip. Companies will discount for rooms or inventory that is not reserved. You may get a good savings or a better room. Make sure you check your cancellation policy before changing your hotel room or car rental.




3 Important Travel Tips for The Frequent Flyer
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